Online search results visible depending on how the App is launched (MacOS)

One of my users has an interesting situation with her EndNote 8.2 on MacOS.

When she opens EndNote by double-clicking her library file her PubMed searches report that matches were found but no results show up.

When she opens EndNote by clicking the EndNote icon on her dock, the same library opens and then PubMed search results are reported and are visible in the results window.

Does anyone know why that would happen?

Since the release of EndNote X8.2 we have had reports of this issue.

One thing that has been reported is if the customer opens EndNote by clicking on the .enl file they will run into issues.

So the recommended way to start EndNote is not to double click the .ENL but to either use the icon for EndNote down in the Dock or to go into Applications into the EndNote folder then double click on the EndNote icon there.

If the customer starts EndNote using one of the above methods that may help with PubMed searching where it finds results but does not display them.