Online Search with Web of Science-Connection without result


i have the following Problem:

in EndNote X2.0.4 i can’t get a single result while using the Online Search at any of the Web of Science-Connections.

My Institution has a subscription (Science Citation Index Expanded (1995-present)).

The IP-recognition should work fine, as i can get to and see at the right side the Name of my Institution.

The subscription is listed under “Select a Database” - [more] as:
Your edition(s):

    * Science Citation Index Expanded (1995-present)

If i search there for example for Author: “Akcha” i get results.

If i try that in EndNote with the connection “Web of Science SCI (TS)” i get “No matching results found” (is the same for the other Web of Science connections).

I tryed the search for “Akcha”, “Akcha, F” and “Akcha, F.” and in combination with truncation.
I tryed an old Connection file (~2008), a newer one (~2009) and downloaded the newest from (11.Jan.2010) and for all it is the same.

I got the loggin-data for my institution from our library and put them in connection settings (“ID”- and “Password”-Fields).
I also tryed to switch the standard-entry with the loggin-Link i also got from our library in the Fields “Custom”, “Server Address” and even “ISI Base URL” (Online-Tab in the EndNote Preferences). (I tryed all that separatly and in combination with the standard-entry)

I use EndNote at work and additionaly got a co-worker to try it (with the same results at the webpage and online search at Endnote).

Nothing worked so far and now im out of ideas.

Does someone have an idea what i can try now or where my Problem lies?

I’ve found the solution myself.

The Problem was that i only use Firefox, but EndNote uses the Settings of Internet Explorer.

Apparently the same goes for Login-data.

So i only needed to use our Login-Link in Internet Explorer, enter there our Login-Data AND check the “Remember me” option.

After that the search works fine in EndNote (with the standart connection file for WoS).


I have the same problem but I don’t know how to set-up the Endnote WOS connection file. My UNI has a subscription to WOS and I can access it from the web via - then it propts to my university userid and password.

Do you know if there is way to set-up Endnote so that I can use WOS with my univ settings?

do you try to access via EndNote from your Uni or from home?

Normaly you can add Login-Data to the connection file via “Edit -> Connection Files -> Open Connection Manager -> look for the one you want to Edit -> Edit ->Connection Settings”. There you can add UserID and password. Save it under a different name (add “Copy” e.g.).

Or you could ask your library at your Uni, they should know what to do, if it doesn’t work.