Only letters of names and surnames are used in bibliography instead of the authors full name


I noticed that there is a problem with bibliography.

Independently from style, in bibliography there are only letters of name and surname, not e.g. first letter of the name and whole surname.

It concerns only newly added articles, the old ones look correctly.

Added recently:

TK W, T B, LL H: Primer design versus PCR bias in methylation independent PCR amplifications. Epigenetics 2009, 4(4)

Added a few months ago:

Baylin SB, Hoppener JW, de Bustros A, Steenbergh PH, Lips CJ, Nelkin BD: DNA methylation patterns of the calcitonin gene in human lung cancers and lymphomas. Cancer Res 1986, 46(6):2917-2922.

I think this is a bug… Anyone is working on this? O maybe I can fix it on my own?
I use the free version of EndNote.

I will be really grateful for the answer.


I suspect you have manually entered the authors all on a single line, instead of one author per line. 

Wrestofname, T K

Brestofname, T

Hrestofname, L L