bibliography: authorSurname Year tab Entry


having tried it for a long time myself I now hope to finde help in this forum!

What I’d like to do is to have a bibliography of EndNote in Word 2007 with the follogiwn layout:

Surname of Author (Year) tab Full Entry inlcuding full name of author.

The problem is that if I go to Bibliography -Layout and choose “author tab” then it includes the full name of the author. If I change the settings for the author’s names in general, I do no longer have the first names in the full entry of the bibliography.

Is there anyone who knows whether there is a trick I could apply?

I assume that one solution was to insert short titels in the indidivdual entries including the surname and the year. However, these short titles are not offered by the indivdual libaries from which I download the files so that I would need toadd this for more than 800 entries. Moreover, I wonder whether EndNote could not recognise the short titles itself since it is able to do that in the Intext citations, isn’t it (I’m not sure since I do not use in text citations)?

I would be grateful for every advice I could get!

All the best