open text in a new document


I am looking for a particular function in endnote that I have used in previous versions and that I can’t find in the X3 version I am now using: In previous versions it was possible to open the text in a new document. Fieldcodes were removed and the text was just an ‘normal’ document. That allowed to edit references manually and made things easier if one was for instance to work with colleagues who did not use endnote. It seems that this function is gone or I can’t find it.

What other options do I have in order to create a document from which all links to endnote are removed?
Thanks for your help!

What you are proposing is very dangerous is you are going to continue working on the document, but it is still there.  I can’t remember exactly what the command is called in X3, in X5 it is “convert to plain text” or you can select all in Word and ctrl+shft+F9 (and save as a new document).  My suggested work flow though - would be to revert to “unformated citation” which are the {Author, Year #RecNo} versions.  Your collaborators could add the citations they want (say in square brackets or in comments) and then you could add them in endnote and format the whole document.  You can even produce a ref list and save just that as Plain Text so they can see what you have already references.