Opening an existing X7 library

I’ve just upgraded to EndNote 20, and about to open an existing EndNote X7 library. I’ve exported the old library as an enlx file. Should I open the old enl file or the enlx file? And is there anything else I should be aware of before I open an existing (old) library? Thank you.

Yes, in Endnote, you must change the settings of the “library to open” preferences, or it will continually try to open your last library, rather than the newer converted version.  

I would still copy as a backup, the the existing x7 library (both the .enl file and the .DATA folder)  to a new location, as a backup.  I never have tried to open an enlx compressed version.  

And do not attempt to name the new converted library the same as the existing library, or it will crash and destroy your X7 library, (which I told you to back up safely so you won’t be lost, but it does make me angry they didn’t forsee and keep that from happening).  

Finally, get the whole thing to sync again is a bit of pain…