Reference formated with "and" between all authors - not what I want

I have a new reference with lots of authors that is not formating properly.  The reference is being formated with an “and” between all authors.  I have tried re-importing the reference, but the problem still exists.

The reference looks like this formated:

Böhm, M. and B. Collen and J. E. M. Baillie and P. Bowles and J. Chanson and N. Cox and G. Hammerson and M. Hoffmann and S. R. Livingstone and M. Ram and A. G. J. Rhodin and S. N. Stuart and P. P. van Dijk and B. E. Young and L. E. Afuang and A. Aghasyan and A. García and C. Aguilar and R. Ajtic and F. Akarsu and L. R. V. Alencar …

And like this in Endnote:

Böhm, Monika
Collen, Ben
Baillie, Jonathan E.M.
Bowles, Philip
Chanson, Janice
Cox, Neil

Here is a link to the reference, if that helps:

Any ideas how to fix this?  I’m stumped.


It looks like this is a problem with the output style - not the record you are importing?  Can you attach the output style or try a different one?  

hanks for the quick response.

The output is currently set for Ecology (Ecology.ens - comes with Endnote X6), but I tried other outputs with the same results.  I also have other references with more than two authors in the same document, and they are formated correctly.  I feel like there is an extra space or aa missing comma or something like that, but I can’t figure it out.

Sorry, I forgot to attach the output file

Ecology.ens (11.2 KB)

It was definitely your output style.  Remember that to change an output style for a document you need to change it in word.  Changing it in Endnote makes absolutely no difference to the way the document it self is formatted.  Here is a version where the errant “and” is removed from the author listing parameter in the bibliography template.  
Ecology.ens (13.7 KB)

OK, that fixed it.  It seems as though the large number of authors “confused” the output.  It was set as 3-100 use commas, and there were more than 100 authors.  Following your lead, I changed that to 3-900 authors, and everything looks good.

My first time dealing with a paper with so many authors, so I had never come across this problem before.  Thanks for the help.


Recently  “co-authored” on a paper with 56 authors.  Not fun! (and perhaps co-authored isn’t the right word!)