Output style

So here is my story, if anyone can help I would be VERY grateful;

I downloaded EndNote Web, and had no problems up till the style of the reference in Word (2003). When going into “Format Bibliography”, there was only one output style in the drop-down menu (“author-date”(.

I uninstalled and installed it again, thinking that this may solve the problem, but it didn’t.

I then uninstalled EndNote Web (and checked in Word, there was no longer the toolbar for it)

I then got EndNote (full version),  and upon going into Word 2003 again, I found that the same tool bar appeared (with this first button Saying EndNote Web.  And when going into Format Bibliography, there was again only one output style in the drop-down menu (“author-date”).

This is really frustrating me and I have wasted a lot of time trying to fix it in vain. Any help would be MUCH appreciated, I just want to simply use the “Numbered” output format.

Many Thanks

Found out what was wrong, I needed to change the toolbar from Endnote Web to Endnote in the preferences.

I still dont know why I only had one output style for EndNote web in the first place though