Override alphabetical odering of citations

I have an in text ciation which I would like to read (e.g., Uozumi et al., 2008; see also Chi et al. 2009) however becuase the style I am using is alphabetical first endnote outputs the reference as (see also, Chi et al. 2009; e.g., Uozumi et al. 2008).

Is there anyway to override this feature and have the references format in the way I want?

Not for a single citation, but you could edit the style so that all citations are “not sorted”.   Not an ideal solution. 

The other way I have handled this in the past, is to hide the author, year for the Chi reference, and type it in to  the Suffix box of the Uozumi citation.  Unformated this would look something like this

{e.g., \Uozumi, 2008 #6480; see also Chi et al.`, 2009;,  #6463}

which would be formated  in an alpha ordered citation (or any other ordered citation for that matter) as

(e.g., Uozumi et al., 2008; see also Chi et al., 2009)