over-riding automatic citation formatting in special circumstances in a document

I’m using Soil Sci Soc Am Journ as my citation style, and want to keep this style in order to have an alphabetized automatic reference list using this journal’s format. I have a large document and there are several places where I use review articles as citations, but want to include the original references in the same place, while indicating that I haven’t read these myself, e.g.:

(Cambie 1982 citing Alph 1988; Brown 1976; Christie 1990)    (1)

However, Endnote wants to alphabetize this list and it looks as follows:

(Alph 1988; Brown 1976; Cambie 1982 citing; Christie 1990)   (2)

Is there a way to override the alphabetization of the references so that my document will read (1) rather than (2) and not have any semi-colons where I don’t want them, i.e. (Cambie 1982 citing…) versus (Cambie citing;…)?

Sorting options within a group of citations is handled in the styles sorting parameters.  You can edit the style so it no longer sorts the citations, although journals usual require some sorting, either by year, or by alphabetical.  Unfortunately, EN doesn’t currently allow one to override this option for individual citations, and it might be good if there was a suggestions to do so. 

So when I feel the need to do something like this, I hide the author and year, and type in what I want as a prefix or suffix.  This also gets over the punctuation problem.  You can either hide the references by using the endnote “hide author/hide year” options, or my preference is to actually make the endnote citation hidden text and type the version I want next to it.  Then I can still visualize the inserted citations and make changes to them.  Otherwise they are truly invisible!

Thanks Leanne - was hoping that I could do this automatically…I have many cases like this in my thesis…but I’ll try out the hidden text when I get back to editing my references…Cheers

Leanne, question, how do I change my generated endnote citation to “hidden text”, i.e. for your solution #2?

thanks, Michelle

Have to do that manually too.  (in any case you wouldn’t want it to happen ALL the time?) – In word, select the endnote citation and format>font and tick the hidden box).  I have hidden text showing in my custom settings, but not in my print settings.