Paper crashes EndNote?

Has anyone else come across instances of EndNote X7 (mac version) crashing when one particular reference entry is selected?

This is a file which was automatically imported from the auto-import folder at startup.

The crash error report says “file location invalid” and I’m wondering if I caused a location problem by creating a smart folder whose criteria would be satisfied by that particular reference at the same time that EndNote was importing the file AND doing its automatic sync.

Maybe the lesson from this is to let sync and import complete before starting anything else.

I tried the effect of syncing the library down to a PC version of EndNote and found that the reference had ended up with multiple copies of the PDF full text attached.

Deleted all but one of these on the PC, then synced again, closed the PC version and synced the Mac version.

Mac version library is now perfectly happy with that reference.

Wow, Rosemary, that sounds odd! I’m going to make a support case from this – it looks like you’re already in our support system under the email account associated with your forum sign-in. I’m going to contact you through there so that we can get that PDF from you, and see if we can replicate this issue. It definitely isn’t something I’ve ever seen happen before!

I look forward to working with you.

I am also seeing this problem. There is a single reference that whenever it is selected the entire program just freezes. I tried deleting the PDF folder associated with the reference but that doesn’t seem to do anything. I note that the file attachment icon is still displayed for that reference.

Wait… the system just responded to this reference and somehow there are over 500 (all repeats) instances of that file attached to the reference! I have no idea how this could happen. I certainly didn’t do it. Any ideas?

I will remove them, but still a mystery


Hello i’m new tot his forum and thank you for your post.