paragraph formatting in Abstracts & Notes

Hello,I have a formatting problem that’s been bugging me for a while. 

I keep a LOT of my own reading notes in my EN records in the Abstracts and Research notes fields. My reading notes are often many paragraphs long.

I would like to be able to edit the Abstract & Research Notes styles so that every paragraph in those fields is set off–either by an extra carriage return or by an indent.  

AND–here’s the thing–I want this paragraph formatting to be visible in both  the records as I look at them individually in EN and when I print out a bibliography.

I have read the manual carefully and browsed the forum and can’t see how to do this. help please?

thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, Endnote (using the Change/Move/Copy feature) at present, is only able to insert a single carriage return and/or tab at the beginning or end of text within a field (Abstracts, Research Notes).

Inserting an extra carriage return or indent for every paragraph might be possible by exporting the library records and their corresponding fields then inserting the carriage returns/indents in the Abstract and Research Notes fields using a different software such as MS Word. After completing the changes the records would be imported back into Endnote. (Exporting the library records and manipulating the paragraph formatting is necessary as you want the changes to be visible in both Endnote and in the printed bibliography. Otherwise, you might be able to just apply a style to format the bibliography before printing.)

Thanks. This is sort of what I was afraid of. Maybe I’ll just have to train myself to begin paragraphs by manually typing in three spaces.