APA style annotated bibliography


I’m editing my output style to create an APA annotated bibliography. I am having trouble with the second paragraph of my abstract. First, I can’t seem to make it in a block like the first paragraph. Second, I would like to make the paragraph bulleted. I want something like this:

Bibliographic citation…

        First paragraph of abstract in block…

        Second paragraph of abstract in block with key findings bulleted…:

                -(etc…but an actual bullet, not hyphen)



Any help would be great! Thanks!

EndNote is a bibliographic database and not a word processor so there are some limitations as to what it can do.  However, you can adjust the type of paragraph formatting through the “Layout” tab [Go to the toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT (Name of your output style), then locate the “Bibliography” entry and underneath is the “Layout” tab. Click to select “Layout”.]  At the bottom of the window there’s the “Hanging Indent” with various options (i.e., all paragraphs but first, none, all paragraphs, first paragraph only, second paragraph only).

As for bullet points, you could copy and paste a bullet point (from Windows character map or MS Word) preceding each entry.  However, you’ll probably have to manually indent each bullet point if you want them to align under a given paragraph. Or  you could write the annotation in MS Word then copy it into EndNote, but not all of the formatting may  carry over.