Parentheses in text automatically generate citation

I am trying to insert an acronym in my text and every time I do, EndNote X4 generates a citation and turns my text into a field code.

So, I write:

American Automobile Association (AAA)

And Endnote turns it into:

American Automobile Assoication (American Automobile Assoication (AAA))

Elsewhere, I do cite the AAA, but in this instance, I do not want to generate a citation. I’ve tried everything to solve this and also searched the forum.


Selecting the right-clicking on the cititation and removing it

Selecting exclude date and exclude author

Reformating bibliogrpahy and selecting ignore for the citation.

Any tips???

It sounds like you have changed the default curly brackets to normal parentheses as the temporary citation marks.  This can be done (or undone in your case) for all documents in the Edit preferences, temporary citation delimiters and for individual documents in the format paper manuscript dialog. 

Do these instructions apply to Office 2011? For Mac? I can’t find the tools you refer to.

Thank you!


Yes, but I can’t describe where – that is assuming… you using  ENX4?  I think that is only one that would work with Office 2011? 

Word 2011 Compatibility:


EndNote X4 for Mac


EndNote X4 is not compatible with Word 2011. A free update will address the Word 2011 compatibility. For now, you can:


  • Register your software to be informed when the fully tested EndNote X4 update is released.
  • Participate in a public beta of the Word 2011 update - requires an existing installation of EndNote X4, accepting pre-release terms & conditions and manual installation steps