PDF Automatic Import keeps adding duplicates

I just switched to EndNote x7 (PC) from Mendeley. I have ~420 pdf articles in my collection which I want to trnasfer over. I’ve tried to import the reference list I exported from Mendeley, and this worked fine, but when I try to get EndNote to watch my ‘articles’ folder for new entries (through the automatic import feature) it continues to add items that are already there. I’ve also tried using the automatic import feature without having already imported documents, but it continues to do the same thing, providing me with thousands of duplicate articles if I’ve stepped away for awhile.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Is the folder or the creation of a subfolder write protected?  my endnote moves the files out of the watch folder, into a subfolder once imported.  Blocking that, might result in the behaviour you describe?  

My watch folder is actually in Google Drive. How can I set it to watch my Google Drive folder, move new files over, and save them there?

Thanks for your response.

I have no idea (as a user, I don’t work for Thomson Reuters or Endnote), so I would recommend you call tech support and ask them if this is possible?  www.endnote.com/support