Pdf import and indexing


 I have been using endnote and at the same time following some tutorials but I have a problem importing pdf documents. From the tutorial I saw, the pdfs were imported and endnote was able to index them by name using and author etc. However, when I imported the collection of my pdfs, well, they are imported but some of them cannot be opened (they say files might be corrupted. The biggest problem however is that almost all the pdfs have no reference information on them. Here is an example of the indexing rovided for illustration purposes.

<Evolving Capacities and Participation.pdf>.

Just to clarify that all the documents have in the folder have customized names (upon downloading them, I named them properly so it is easy to identify them).

One more thing, If I have a zotero library with folders exemplifying different groups, is it possible to import the file in endnote so that my collections show as endnote groups? So far I tried it and did not achieve success. Thanks 

Not sure about the error problem and am unfamiliar with zotero export options (and even endnote doesn’t export groups, I don’t think, without first editing the contents of each group and then using that to create new smart groups), but if the pdf doesn’t have the correct embedded meta-data, Endnote can only import the title as you gave as an example.