PDF library mess up

Hello all,

I am a new user of endnote and I transfer ALL my library from Mendeley ro EndNote. Everything went fine, I subgroupped the the articles into categories and all 300 articles had their PDF file attached and everything was working great. 

I had the terrible idea to delete Mendeley and all the associated folders. Guess what happened?

Unfortunately my EndNote library remained in place but I lost all my PDF attachments. However, I was able to recover the Mendeley PDF folder with all the PDFs in. My question is:

Is there a way to link the EndNote library with all the references with the PDF folder I recovered in order to be able to see again my PDFs when I open EndNote? 

Now, when I open EndNote and I try to look up the PDF of an article what happens is that I get a message saying that my Desktop/Mendeley/PDF …    etc folder is missing!

Please help to recover my PDF link to my EndNote library without needing to rebuilt everything from scratch.