PDFs are not displaying in X7.2 update

I just updated to the Endnote X7.2 and my PDFs are not displaying. You can see the full text in the thumbnail but when you open it to full-size all of the sudden all you can see is sometimes the first page (sometimes just white) and then grey for all the rest of the pages.  I tried removing and reattaching the PDFs and they’re still like this.  I also was getting a syncing error (504) which I ended up having to delete my entire contents of my library and start over and now it’s syncing again but the PDFs are still wonky when I tried attaching one to a new reference. Where it’s grey I can actually drag my mouse and the text of the PDF appears, almost like it’s hidden underneath the grey. Anyone else seen something like this?

When I try to view PDFs, Endnote freezes and crashes. I’ve tried restarting my computer, reimporting the PDF, to no avail.

Exact same problem as above, apparently it cannot be resolved anytime soon. Total nightmare.

I am having the same problem too. I see the page displayed on the screen and the rest is just gray. If I stay on the gray page and reset the size of the window, that page finally appears, but the others disappear. It is not a problem of the PDF file itself because I can open it in Acrobat reader. This is pretty annoying problem…

Endnote is currently running on OS10.6.8

Unfortunately, I’m having the same problem you describe in the first two sentences. Here is some additional description and documentation.

PDFs are not displaying. Thumbnails display as they should, i.e., text and images are visible. However, the main viewing area is completely white.

Oddly, when I start changing the size of the panels on either side of the PDF panel, the PDF comes in and out of view. If I stop dragging at just the right time I can get a lot of a PDF page to display; however, the viewable area within the PDF pane becomes truncated at either the top or bottom, depending on how I resized the PDF pane. In other words, a portion of the PDF pane display is rendered completely unusable.

I’m grateful to anyone who has ideas about how to resolve this issue.

System info:

Macbook Pro 13’

2.9 GHz Intel Core i7

8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM

512 GB SSD


OSX 10.10 Yosemite

EndNote X7.2

Still not displayed in X7.3.

It sucks!

Why in the world is this not working?  This is a HUGE flaw and is false advertising!  I got x7 and the ipad app so that I can manage papers, read/annotate on BOTH my mac and my ipad, and then sync across them.  This is relegating me to reading/annotating only on my ipad. 

Why is there no response from Thomson Reuters on this subject?!  When can we expect a response/fix?

I have never had the problem you all describe, but then again I don’t read PDFs in Endnote itself.  A possible work around is to double click the PDF icon under “File Attachement” in the EN record and let your external PDF handler (the full Acrobat XI in my case, maybe Acrobat Reader for others).