Please enable styled text in EndNote Web

I have a student who’d like to be able to use italics within EndNote Web. I think it could be a useful thing to be able to do. I’d posted a query which Leanne responded to ( So just to be clear this is what I mean:

(1) Italics Within a Title

A N Author (2010) ‘A discussion of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers (1888) in the context of horticultural production in late nineteenth century Provençal cottage industry’ Hortotherapy 4:3 pp 23-47.

[Sunflowers is italicised as the title of a work]


A N Other (2010) ‘Dietary excess and the threat to Caloprymnus campestris in Queensland, Australia’ Stewth!: Australian Culinary Research 24:4 pp 34-56.

[Caloprymnus campestris is italicised as the name of an animal]

(2) Italics within Notes fields

Perhaps to distinguish quotations from comment in the research notes field or even to use for stressing part of your notes.

I don’t know how onerous this would be, but it would be good to know if it is technically possible and, if not, why not.



Hello Duncan,

Thank you for your suggestion. This is something we are working to support in EndNote Web in an upcoming release. I will keep you posted with our progress

Best regards,

 - Mathilda, the EndNote Web team