Styled (eg italicised) text within a publication title in EndNote Web?


I don’t think you can style text in EndNote Web within a publication title - or at least it gets lost if you move from EndNote to ENW. If I’m wrong, please disabuse me. But if I’m right, how do people create bibliographic entries such as these dummy ones:

A N Author (2010) ‘A discussion of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers (1888) in the context of horticultural production in late nineteenth century Provençal cottage industry’ Hortotherapy 4:3 pp 23-47.


A N Other (2010) ‘Dietary excess and the threat to Caloprymnus campestris in Queensland, Australia’ Stewth!: Australian Culinary Research 24:4 pp 34-56.


Italics is usually applied in the style and not in the record itself.  The publication style dictates this, as it would change from publication to publication. 

Thanks, Leanne. Perhaps I didn’t express myself clearly enough: I meant only SOME of the words WITHIN the primary or secondary title. This can be done with standalone EndNote, but I can’t see a way of doing it in EndNote Web.

Relatedly it would be good to be able to do this within ‘Note’ type fields too.

I fear I’m on a hiding to nothing though: I found this in the online help: “Styled text is not supported in EndNote Web. References containing manually applied formatting to text will lose the formatting upon transfer to EndNote Web and when transferred back to EndNote on your desktop.”

I’ll pop it in the suggestions forum.

Thanks anyway.

Best wishes,