Please have EndNote recognize Word Section Breaks


I am currently working on a manuscript that runs about 400 pages in length, and is comprised of about 14 chapters. I’m working in Word 2010, and I use section breaks to section off each chapter, and restart the footnote numbering in each section. However, Endnote doesn’t recognize these section breaks when it comes to footnote formatting. So, the first footnote within a new section doesn’t read as if it is the first. That is, it will use the abbreviated format of the citation, even though, as the start of a chapter, it should provide the full citation information. What this means is that I cannot have my manuscript within one file, but have to break it down into multiple files, with one file for each section. This is more than a little bit of a problem, as I know have to have 14 or more files for my manuscript, rather than just one. This seems like an extremely easy feature to add into EndNote, as it should be simple for EndNote to recognize either the section breaks I am inserting, or the footnote numbering (i.e. footnote number 1 should never be an abbreviated footnote, even if it happens in the middle of the document, insofar as it might be foonote number 1 of chapter 8).

Please think about providing a workaround or an update patch, as this seriously detracts from my ability to use EndNote.

Thank you,