Please help with wrong citation in text after converting Vancouver to Harvard style in Endnote X7

Dear all,

I have Endnote X7 installed on windows 7 with Word 2010. At the first, I imported my references based on Vancouver style, but it should be changed to Harvard. After changing the style, I found that some references were not correctly located in the text. Could you please help me out how to solve this problem?

Thank you

After changing the style to “Harvard” (in the Style box of the Endnote X7 tab within the MS Word), did you convert the existing citations to “unformatted citations” then updated the citations? If you have not done this procedure before suggest you make a backup copy of your document as occasionally instead of converting the citations to temporary citations, users have accidentally converted the citations to text (which permanently removes the Endnote field codes).

I am not certain what you mean by “not correctly located in the text”?