Citation - wrong format - have tried everything in vain!

Hi All,

I’m relatively new to Endnote and have read the guides and forum extensively. Despite trying everything I cannot solve this issue:

When I insert a citation (Endnote X9, windows, using MSWord)  it appears as {Author, year, #1} for example. I would like Vancouver style referencing.

I have tried - insert formatting is ON, endnote toolbar on MSWord shows style as Vancouver, Endnote itself set to Vancouver, Cite while you Write - format bibliography - also set to Vancouver.

I have tried closing word and endnote and re-opening. 

None of the above has made any difference and my citation format remains as per the example above. Please help!! 


Hi achd87,

Hope you had solved it. I have the same problem with a frontiers style (usually last-name, year). After a while, EndNote change the style and add all authors cited in the paper plus the year.

Please advice you know how to solve this problem



Have you tried clicking on “update citations and bibliography”?. Choose another style and see if that formats the citations. That might narrow the problem. Is this happening in multiple documents or just one document?