PMCID and URL added to export

Using RM 12.0.3, I am creating a series of bibliographies from Pubmed. FASEB journal style works fine but I’d like to include PMCID and/or each citation’s Pubmed url in the exported bibliography. I’ve tried to solve this with Google searches and by searching this community. What need I do?

Hello Teresa,

You can take a look at the NIH Grant Style which is setup to display the PMCID number in the bibliography.

In Reference Manager go to Bibliography > Open Output style >  locate NIG Grant Style and then click open > you would need to click on the Bibliography tab  then select Journal* on the left > You will see the definition which for NIH Grant Style includes the PMCID field.

You would need to add the following to the FASEB journal style to make the PMCID number show up in the Bibliography.


Since Reference Manager does store the complete URL to get back to the article in the database it is not possible to get a working link sent to a Bibliography.

Let us know if you have any questions or if this does not resolve the issue.