PMCID/NIHMSID and Grant info

I didn’t see this, so I will suggest it, again.  There is no way that PMCID should not be included in a reference, so why put it in the Custom2 field instead of in a field called PMCID.  The NIh requires it for all peer reviewed, latin language, publications after 4/7/2008.  And throwing the Grant information into the notes field is also out there.  Every one who works on grants knows that we need the grant information associated with each and every publication.  As it is I need to work some EndNote magic to get the grant info filtered into the translated title field (does this field get used for something?).

PMCID should be a field

Grant information should be a field and the GR tag should import into it

Oh and BTW the PMID is in the accession number field why?  I know every publication I have has a Pubmed ID so why not name the field PMID?

I had to alter the import filter to put grant info in the correct field and the NIHMSID in the correct field (assuming it exists).  And why can’t EndNote see the NIHMSID before the PMCID exists (it only sees it if the PMCID already exists, which makes the NIHMSID useless)?