What steps do I need to take to pull the NIHMSID’ into Pubmed Medline?  I successfully, with your assistance, pulled the PMCID’s so I thought you could assist me in what I need to do to accomplish this.

Didn’t Emily give you the answer to that too, in the same message?

Hello and yes - sorry! I am new to Endnote and I am working through the issues of pulling both the PMCID and the NIHMSID numbers into Pubmed. Maybe you can help clear up something for me. I added the NIHMSID field to my style that I created. It successfully shows the PMCID but no NIHMSID. Is that because there is none in Pubmed?

My confusion arises because when I enter a PMID number into the converter on the following site it shows a NIHMSID. Why would it not be in Pubmed?


Not sure, but maybe this helps?