Pulling PMCID's for reference list

Hi, I have an endnote library that was created a while ago that I use over and over again.  How do I set my library preferences so when it pulls the reference from it it also pulls the PMCID for the reference list.  I am working on a grant application for NIH.  Thank you to anyone who can walk me thru it!

If you mean that the style you are using is not using the PMCID field, you will need to edit the style to add it to the template. Refer to the EndNote Help article (inside EndNote) Adding and Removing Fields in a Formatted Reference for step by step instructions.

If you mean that the references don’t currently have the PMCID in them, there is a feature in the recent versions of EndNote called Find Reference Updates. Click on a reference in the library pane (and optionally press Ctrl+A to select all). Select References > Find Reference Updates. EndNote will search for more information from PubMed, CrossRef and Web of Science. You have the option of doing nothing, selecting all, updating empty fields only or copying and pasting selected information into your references.

If you have any recent references in your library, you can edit the output style (Edit > Output Styles > Edit “NIH”), and set the Field Substitution section to substitute the manuscript ID for the PMCID (tick the box). This will then create a custom style - NIH Copy - that you will need to select in the bibliographic output style setting in order to use.