What style should I choose in order to print both PMIDs and PMCIDs?  We have version 7 right now but I did copy over the new connection, style and filter files. 

I don’t think EN version 7 era had PMCID. Also, I haven’t seen journal output style that requires PMCID and PMID, eventhough you are able to use styles from new versions. Basically, first, you need to make fields like PMID and PMCID in your library, by revising imort filter to get these numbers from Pubmed output. PMC is the tag for PMCID. Which field accomodate these numbers, is your choice.

Then, make your own style from existing template such that PMID and PMCID are included in the output. I believe somebody in your institution (best bet is grant writers) already did this job, so look around.

Hope this helps.

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We have Endnote instructions for our NIH researchers at:

We recommend modifying the Journal article reference type and using Custom 6 and custom 7 fields for NIHMSID and PMCID respectively.  I’m not sure if En 7 has this many custom fields. Using custom fields requires a custom output style which we also provide.

Contact me offline if you want more information.