Possible to change raw citation for "year only" citations.

I know this is minor…but might as well make the request.

In order to produce, “Jones (2013) writes…”, the raw citation ends up as { , 2008 #1234}.  This is irritating, as I now can’t tell if I’ve cited Jones or if record 1234 is something completely different.  ProCite accomplished this with the addition of a switch, as opposed to a reduction in information, e.g., “Jones {Jones, 2008 #1234 /d} writes” or some such.

I recognize one can now insert a citation such that it transforms directly into “Jones (2013)”, but instant formatting is still balky enough that I often prefer to keep citations in their raw form most of the time.  I’ve also found such citations an absolute nightmare to publish, especially in collaborative work.  So, I’ll take care of typing “Jones” and “writes”, but hope EN can give me a more informative way to include the citation information between those.

Thanks for the consideration.