prefix messes up my enumerated citations

Hi all,

I am having trouble with a little issue in CYWY. For the style I am using, I want to add prefixes. My desired result would look like this:

“I am citing my example with multiple references (e.g., 1-5).”

Without using a prefix, it usually likes fine, like this:

“I am citing my example with multiple references (1-5).”

Whenever I do introduce a prefix, the text some out in this way:

"“I am citing my example with multiple references (e.g., 1, 2-5).”

Please, oh please, some help my resolve this. My desperation is growind and I fear I won’t be able to take this frustration much longer. Surely, there is a simple solution that I am just too blind too see?

Thanks a million in advance!

This one is tough, as endnote assumes you only want the prefix to refer to the citation you insert it into when numbered.  

Two things to consider, – fix it last minute after removing endnote fields (convert citations and bibliograph to plain text – make sure you make a copy as it suggests!).  Future corrections should be made to the pre-removal version. 

Hide the citations (edit citation, more – mark each as “show in bibliography only”) and type in the whole thing in the prefix: 

e.g., 1-5 

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Hi Leanne and thanks for taking the time to answer this.

They are both good suggestions. But it is SO frustrating that this is apparently still not a built-in feature, even tough it does seem quite basic.

Again, thanks a lot. I guess I will continue to use work-arounds :slight_smile: