insert e.g., in front of citation

I want to insert e.g., in front of citation.

What I have:

Blalalalala (1-8).

What I want:

Blalalalala (e.g., 1-8).

I have found the option for a prefix, but what I get is:

Blalalalala (e.g., 1, 2-8).

Quote:  Blalalalala (1-8).

Could you explain your example further and identify the style you’re using?  Is the 1-8 appearing in the parentheses something you put in manually (via Edit Citation) or corresponds to info appearing in the corresponding reference? 

Normally once you’ve inserted the in-text citation then edited it to remove both author and year, then typed in e.g., 1-8, followed by manually typing the author’s name preceding the “(e.g., 1-8)” which would now appear in the text  you’d wind up with:   Author (e.g., 1-8)

So could you describe further?

I get the same, when I add a prefix thru “edit citation”.  It appears to only apply to the specific reference it is added to, rather than to the whole list.  Same if you add a suffix, for example to the last one.  The only way I can see to get around this, is to HIde the actual reference list and type in what you want it to look like.  I think the only way to do this with the numbered references, is to use the word format font, hidden text feature. 

It would make sense to ask for some way to adust the edit citation dialogue to somehow allow a choice to select and apply to a group of numbers, rather than just a single cited number.