Prefixing a range of citation numbers

Hi, I’d like to add a prefix to a range of citation numbers - for example “(see 3-8)”. 

When I add a prefix (to the earliest reference), I can only attach the prefix to a single reference (or so it seems), which gives me something that looks like “(see 3,4-8)”.  Is there some way of applying the prefix to the entire set of references?  I know I can type ‘see’ in directly, but it gets lost every time I update the Bibliography.

Have you tried using the backslash in front of an unformatted in-text citation which will separate the prefix text from the reference?  According to pg. 326 of the Endnote X3 manual:

 When there is only one prefix in a multiple citation and it is at the beginning of the citation, it will stay there regardless of how the citations are sorted. For example, this citation:

            {e.g. \Hall, 1988 #77; Argus, 1991 #11]

 after being formatted in the APA style will appear as:

            (e.g. Argus, 1991; Hall, 1988)


If the prefix is not at the beginning of the multiple citation, or if there is more than one prefix in a multiple citation, the prefix text remains with the reference it preceds. For this citation:

           {Argus, 1984 #11; especially \Hall, 1988 #77}


formatted in the Author-Date style will be:


           (Argus, 1984; especially Hall, 1988)

I’m using X2, but it didn’t seem to do the trick…

I have:  {including mid-domain overlap`; \Acero, 1985 #618Bellwood, 2005 #2275; Connolly, 2003 #987;Santini, 2002 #594;Wallace, 1997 #2720}

which turns into:

(including mid-domain overlap; 39, 40-43)

I’d like it to read:

(including mid-domain overlap; 39-43)

Thanks for the suggestion though!

I see the dilemma.  I don’t see a way to get around it, however.  This sounds like a suggestions or tech support issue. 

As a workaround, you could use Word’s Hidden Text function to hide the citation which EndNote inserts. Then type the citation in the document as you want it to appear. Not a perfect solution.


This thread is over 7 years old now, but the problem doesn’t appear to be fixed… I use EndNote X6 and have the exact same issue. Did anyone ever solve this?

Thanks so much!