Printing EndNote Library SubGroup References

Has anyone done the following?  If so, can you tell me how so I can respond to one of our staff.  Thank you.

Victoria Harriston

Is there a way to generate a list of the references in groups that have been created within Endnote? For example, for the breast cancer study, we have a subgroup called “alcohol.” We’d like to send the list of references to the group focusing on alcohol, but without having to create it by ourselves

At least in EndnoteX4, it is pretty simple.  You select the group and select all the showing references and print them.  From the print dialog, you can chose the output style you want them printed in.  If they want to actually share that part of the library, you can export the subgroup from the File>compress dialog, which creates a new .enlx library with or without the attached files.  There you can chose to export just the selected references or select a group or subgroup from the dropdown list.