Stand Alone Reference List

I know that this is unusual, but it is possible to create a stand-alone reference list by selecting a subset of references from within an EndNote library and then exporting them to a Word document? I have author-date in-text references, and I’d just like to select those references in the EndNote library and create a document. I know I can cite-as-I-write and achieve the same end, but at this point, the stand-alone reference list would be simpler for me.



Easy.  You select the ones you want (easiest by creating a group and dragging them to it, or including a unique field to search on, in each record.  Now select the group, and File (or Endnote menu on mac) export, and select the output style you wish to use on that dialog in the lower right hand corner, or right under the other choices.  – select an RTF output to retain any special formating and give the file a name.   Alternatively, you can select the records and ctrl (or apple-command key) K (for Kopy formatted -hah!) and paste those into your document, making sure the endnote library has the correct style selected. 

Perfect! Thanks so much.