Group references cited

I want to group all references in endnote X3 that I have cited in a paper but cannot find an easy way to do this. It was very easy in procite but need assistance on how this can be done in endnote.

In X4 there is a simple way (it becomes a temporay group).  In X3, this facility isn’t there.  The only way I know of, is to either export the travelling library (but that only tells you what you have referenced - and that isn’t in your library and the record numbers are different. 

The other way, if I remember correctly,  is a bit of a cludge.  You unformat the references to curly bracket state and save as an RTF.  If you then close the document and, in Endnote, Tools, Format Paper and open the RTF file you saved,  it will show you a dialog with all the refs you quoted, and I think you can select them all and click the Lookup button, and and then view those selected (from the References, show selected command -  From my previous notes, this should work in X2, and hopefully X3).