PROBLEM! cite while you write makes only () in Word 08, Mac Snow Leopard??

When I try to insert citations it is giving me a blank set of parenthesis (). Or, if I successfully insert a citation, then try to edit the citation so it shows just the year, it removes both the year AND author, leaving blank parentheses. I was having this problem a few weeks ago, and I installed the most recent patch and upgrade for my endnote X2.0.2. and thought it was fixed, but it just started doing it again.  My dissertation is due in 2 weeks!   is anyone else having this problem?  Do I have some setting wrong?  It doesn’t seem there are any other patches or upgrades, so I am getting concerned…  If I check on it in edit citations or do unformat citations, it seems that the proper code is still there, but it appears in word simply as ()

What output style are you using? Is it possible you changed the citation template in your preferred output style? To check, open your preferred output style in the output Style Manager and check “Templates” under the CITATION heading. If you see “()”, then your problem is solved by adding the data fields you need.

Hello “April”,

More than likely, this is an issue with the output style being used.

As requested by the previous member, please let us know what output style you are using, and we will see what can be done to help.

If this is a style that you have customized, please attach it to the thread, and we can scrutinize it to see what could be causing your issue.



I am not using any sort of custom output style (just APA 5th).  I am thinking now that the problem I was having had to do with the use of comments and track changes within word.  After posting I also started getting a “COM exception” which I searched for solutions on. I have removed all comments and approved all changes and currently do not have any of the problems I listed in my post, but then again, not sure if it will come back.  I also unformatted all citations and reformatted, and found a few citations that did not match my endnote library, so I fixed those.

If any of these problems return, or if I figure out anything else, I will post again.

Thanks for your help!