JAMA endnote output style not correct


I have 2 related issues (EndNote X8.2 and Microsoft Word 2016)

1 - I was previously using a “numbered” (superscript) output style and now want to change to “JAMA” output style. I downloaded the style (in fact it was already part of the X8.2 version) but I noticed the actual citations within the word document were wrong (ie style did not change to JAMA - it remained superscript style). Citations at end of document were correct however. So in endnote I went to Edit-output styles-JAMA-Citations-templates and adjusted the style how it should look with square brackets etc. However, why does it not automatically do this when I select JAMA style?

  1. Next is that the citations in the text are completely wrong and look like this - [1,[9,[20,[21,[22,[23,[24] - how do I change this. It SHOULD look like this - [1, 9, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24]

Please note I have updated the output style so same in both endnote and word processor?



Try the attached?  I changed both citation options to non-superscript with square brackets.     
JAMA-square.zip (3.79 KB)

but when I look, everything I can find about JAMA preferred citations  – are superscripted as the original output style reflects.  

Thanks, but when I use this in Microsoft Word, the brackets look like this?

[1,[3,[5,[7] ???

Are you certain that the word document is using JAMA-square and not just your JAMA?  (because it works for me with about the same software)