PROBLEM: all references gone!!!!

I don’t exactly know what happened, but all of the sudden all of my references are gone!!! I did not delete anything, I was just searching for a reference, and when I went back all references were gone!The library is empty now!

Can anyone help me ???

Thank you! 

If you have one or more formatted Word docs, you might be able to recover some of the references by exporting the travelling library from the Word docs into a new EndNote Library. Of course, you don’t get keywords, abstracts etc. but still it is better than nothing.

I assume you don’t have a copy of the Library stored somewhere else?

Sorry, no suggestions for where they’ve gone!

What version of Endnote?  

Did you move the ENL file to a new place thus losing the .DATA folder? 

Is the data folder still in existence and does it have anything in it?  You can reconstruct a library from the data folder.   


Thank you for your replies. Unfortunately, I don’t have any word docs.

I was working with EndNote XI.

I’ll check out the links.