Problem : "Insert Selected Citation(s)" button in Word 2007


Until now, I had no problem with the integration of Endnote X to word 2007 (XP system).

Today is different. I need help.

When I select a reference in my Endnote Library - like (Name, 2008) - and I use the “Insert Selected Citation(s)” button in Word, I obtain in my word document :

{Name, 2008#XXXX}

where XXXX is a number. 

And the complete reference of (Name, 2008) doesn’t appear in my bibliography section at the end of my document.

What’s this problem?

Thanks, Julien

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It appears that you have Instant Formatting disabled.  Press Alt+3 in Word and click on “Instant Formatting”.  Here you would want to make sure that the button on the left says “Disable” and click OK.


When I insert a citation from Endnote to word 2007 the default format is (Name ####). How can I change this? For example, into Name (####).

Thanks a lot


It does not work for me, with word 2015

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or