Problem inserting reference


I am new to using end-note program (have some months experience with it now :)). It was working very fine with me until today. Today when i tried to insert reference in word 2007, endnote inserts it in this way:

{name of author, #4

and the reference list does not get updated. I have hundereds of references and if there is no fix to this problem i am finished.

Somebody plz help!

Earlier i had issues with ‘field codes’ which i fixed by myself. Is this some kind of bug with ms word 07 again?

Thanks in advance!

It looks like CWYW has been turned off, inadvertantly.  You turn it on again from the Word Endnote tool “format bibliography” dialog box, third tab (Instant formating) and “turn on” button (or enable in some older versions). okay, (and maybe okay again).  It will format the manuscript and keep formating it, as you continue inserting new references. 

Thanks a lot! You are the genius…it worked for me

Maybe that will be the next assignment after “Guru”! :wink: