HELP! Citations NOT being inserted into document

I’m running Windows 7 with Word 2007.  I’m running EndNote 5 (EndNote 4 didn’t have this problem).  Here’s what’s happening:

I select the ‘EndNote X5’ tab, select to ‘Insert Citation’, find the citation and select insert.  What I get is {Schwartz, 2011 #750} where #750 is the 750th reference in EndNote.  No reference is placed in the document (I’m using APA 6).  The preview in EndNote displays correctly but all the document gets is a reference to the EndNote entry.

I did a quick search and didn’t find anything.  I’m working on a paper and need to include my references.  I checked my Add-Ins and have active:

EndNote (Cwyw Citation Recognizer)

EndNote Cite While You Write and

EndNote Cwyw.dotm

I checked the ‘Preferences’ in the ‘EndNote X5’ tab in Word and saw nothing that would cause this.  To be safe, I unchecked everything and no change.


In advance, thank you!


It sounds like you have Instant Formatting turned off. To turn on Instant Formatting locate the EndNote tab in the MS Word ribbon.In the section labeled “Bibliography”, click the tiny arrow at the bottom right-hand corner which will display the Format Bibliography dialog box. Click the Instant Formating tab then the button to turn the option “on”. Click OK to save the changes and exit the dialog box.

That worked, THANKS!!! :smiley: