Problem with author names in bibliography and in-text citation

Hey guys!

I have a problem concerning author names in bibliography and in-text citation. I guess it’s easier to understand the problem I have, when I give you the exact case:

(1) SCHEFFER, F.  U. P. SCHACHTSCHABEL (200215): Lehrbuch der Bodenkunde. Neubearbeitete und erweiterte Auflage von Blume, H.-P. (Spektrum) Heidelberg. 

My university wants me to put the initials of the second author in front of the last name, if there are exactly two authors. So the following option (2) is not possible for me:

(2) SCHEFFER, F.  U. SCHACHTSCHABEL, P. (200215): Lehrbuch der Bodenkunde. Neubearbeitete und erweiterte Auflage von Blume, H.-P. (Spektrum) Heidelberg. 

The bibliography is correct (1) when I put the authors’ names in the author field in endnote like this:

Scheffer, F. 

P. Schachtschabel,

So far, so good. The problem now is, that with the comma, I define “P. Schachtschabel” as one coherent expression, but the in-text citation has to look like this: 


So here I don’t want to have the initial “P.” But as I defined “P. Schachtschabel” as a coherent expression, the in-text citation looks like this by filling the authors field like seen above (to get option (1) in the bibliography): 


Has anyone an idea what I could do to solve the problem?? So far I could’t find anything on the Internet. 

Looking forward to every help.



Unless I am missing something in your requirements, Endnote provides two separate setting in the output style to achieve this in the desktop version of endnote.  

First you want 1st author Smith, K and subsequent authors J Brown as in the first attachment (bibliography Author Name options as in capture.JPG).  Then you want Author lists for 3 or more authors as set in Author Lists option of the Bibliography settings (capture2.JPG).  

Hi Leanne, thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately this option does not work for me. When I choose “John Doe” for subsequent authors, then the bibliography is wrong when I have more than 2 authors. 

It is a bit complicated, but I will try to explain the problem. 

When there are more than two authorts I have to name them all with the last name followed by the initials of the first name (Smith, J.). But only the last author has to be named with the initials of the first name followed by the last name (J. Smith). So it has to look like this (for example): Smith, J., Peter, N., Jackson, S. and L. Miller. 

With your option it would look like this: Smith, J., N. Peter, S. Jackson and L. Miller. But that is - unfortunately not how my institution wants me to do it. 

Regards, Maren

So for some reason, the institution wants the final author in all cases to be first initial then surname, but all the rest are surname first initial?  

In my humble opinion, whomever has written these instructions is just trying to mess with any kind of automation. If it is a publishing house, ask them if they have a solution.  If it is your institution, ask others how they met with this requirement?  

Not to mention, the use of U. in the context of two authors, looks like a long string of initials!