Problem with Bibliography formatting (endnote x4)


I am having a problem with Bibliography formating. In the referrence, I don’t want the tittle of the paper (please see below, bolded font is the tittle ), how can I get rid of the tittle in ACS style.

I am using ACS as a style. Thanks in advance for kind help.

Hossain, M. S.; Schwan, A. L., Separate Deprotonation Reactions Converge Mechanistically for a New Cyclization of Benzyl 1-Alkynyl Sulfones. Organic Letters 2011, 13 (19), 5330-5333.

Since the template includes the title it seems odd that you want to exclude the information. But assuming that’s what you want to do and it’s correct for whatever you’re doing, you’ll need to modify the ACS output style’s “Bibliography” template(s).

  1. To access the ACS’s bibliography template, go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT ACS.

  2. Then in the ACS output style (refer to attached image which is taken of the ACS Nano output style) locate “Bibliography” in the left column then click to select: Templates. 

3. Locate the Journal Article template then delete the Title field.  Also remove the comma after the Author field.  

  1. Exit the output style which will save the file as a “Copy” (e.g., ACS Nano Copy) so adjust both EndNote and MS Word to use the file “Copy” and not the original. 

Thanks for your kind help

Different ACS journals have different style requirements: some require article title (e.g. ACS Chemical Biology), some do not. (e.g. JACS). That explains why someone would want to delete the title field from an output style.

All ACS styles require journal title abbreviations, so you will need to set up your journal term list to abbreviate journal names in your bibliography - e.g. Organic Letters  should be Org. Lett. I have instructions specifically for chemists on my Endnote page: