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Hi all,

first i want to appologize for my english ^^  Last time i wrote is passed long ago.

Now, I’m using “Endnote 10” and combine it with Pligu a programmwhich helps to use Microsoft Acess for entering server. Pligu also helps creating Word-Documents by transfering datas atomatically into a Word-Document.
If u want to save such a document, it will be saved on
C:\documents and settings “username”\application data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP\

Now I open one word document and save it and let it open. when I want to open another document and save it, there always appears the message that is currently beeing used and that it isn’tpossible to save the document.

This problem appeared with updating Ednote 8 to 10.

Can someone help me???

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I have been using Endnote X for some time now (after having upgraded from Endnote 9). Last week I uninstalled Endnote X and 9 and performed a clean install of Endnote X. This installs release build 2214. After upgrading to X.0.2 (via Endnote Help, Programme Update) Word continuously crashes when closing documents and states that is read-only and already open.

Using Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003.