Problem with Endnote 7.3 PDF highlighting and syncing issues


Since updating Endnote from X7.2, to X7.3 (build 10362) for Mackintosh, I am unable to highlight PDFs of papers stored in Endnote.

If I click on the square icon with the pen pointing to the lower left corner to bring up the menu to allow highlighting, either nothing happens, even though the icon is clickable (changes shade briefly when pressed) or Endnote closes down without any error message. No issues before the X7.3 update.

Running check for new updates in Endnote did not reveal a newer version.

I am running Mac OS 10.10.3.

p.s. I still haven’t been able to solve the issue with syncing my desk top version of Endnote with Endnote Web.

I keep all my references on Endnote Desktop. If I try to sync with Endnote Web all of my references in Endnote Desktop are deleted, leaving me no references on either desktop or web. (luckily I kept a backup!).

When I first used Endnote web for syncing, there were no problems, then out of the blue the deleting problem started - didn’t appear to relate to any updates in Endnote or any other programs.

Is it possible to sync my Desktop references with a new version of Endnote web to see if this will fix the issue?

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John E.

When this was happening to me – I followed the instructions in the link in this thread: 

Thank you Leanne, I will give this a try.

Any ideas about the PDF issue and lack of highlighting?

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 No  - I don’t annotate in Endnote – (I actually rarely annotate, being from the baby-boomer generation!)  and I don’t use a Mac either.  Sorry.