Problem with field "Date" when searching online

Hi all,

I have an issue with the field “Date” when I am using the Online Search Mode on PubMed. I am searching articles about “African horse sickness” only for the month of December 2017. 

Here are two screenshots. The first one is my request with no results found by EndNote. The second one is about an article that I know it has been published during December 2017, and the fields “Year”, “Date” and “Title” clearly specified the information I am searching for with my first request in screenshot 1.

So why EndNote don’t show me this result in the first place ? How does the research on field “Date” works ?

Thanks in advance for the help.

The issue has to do with the field being searched in PubMed when using the Entered Between function.

It is searching a field called EDAT

So when I look up the reference

First molecular identification of the vertebrate hosts of Culicoides imicola in
      Europe and a review of its blood-feeding patterns worldwide: implications for the
      transmission of bluetongue disease and African horse sickness.

The EDAT is not Dec but  2017/07/28

So the only way to find the reference would be to a search that includes Entered Between


The field searched is not the Date field that shows DEC.

Ok, thanks for the complete explanation.