Problem with numbering my citations

Hello everyone,

I am new to this community and I registered, because I have to write a thesis with word and I decided to go with endnote for reference managing and I’ve got two little problems:

I would like to use a reference in a caption of a picture, but although it is not the first reference used, endnote numbers it with [1] and moves all the other references in the normal text one number up, so that they start from [2].

Second problem is, that I would like to use a comma together with a non-breaking space as the multiple citation separator. But I don’t know how to insert a non-breaking space in endnote.

Does anybody know how to fix this?

First the good news.  Word always looks in Text boxes first, and you can possibly  resolve this by converting the holders for your figures into frames. This has the added advantage that you can use the Figure titles as captions and autocreate the table of figures in word (that too doesn’t work in boxes).  the new FAQ location discussing this is hard now to link to in thier new web interface. - it is FAQ 21 under the “Working with Word Processors/CWYW” heading.  (note that Word2010 really doesn’t make this easy and I find the lack of ability to build a table of figures more of a problem than where Endnote starts numbering them!!)

Bad news:  Unless something has changed recently, a non-breaking space is difficult to insert in Endnote.  (while the help files refer to a “non-breaking space” in the context of linking fields to adjacent text which should be excluded if the field is empty, this is obviously not what you are looking for).  I suggest that you use a character instead of the space which will look ugly, and then you can replace ,^ for example with “,non-breaking space” in word before submission if it is something you really need.  Alternatively don’t leave any space following the comma, and that usually looks pretty good too. 

Thanks a lot. I don’t see the point, why word does check Text boxes first, but anyways, converting into frames works!

Regarding my second problem: I already did erase any space between the citation, but actually I don’t really like it that way :wink: But I guess it is a really good idea to do it the way you suggested with replacing a character. I am going to try it in the end with a character I didn’t use.

So again, many thanks.

Hi there…

You CAN make non-breaking spaces work in Endnote. Here’s how.

Edit>output styles>Edit “blah blah style”

On the window on the left go to


At the bottom you will see “Multiple citation separator”.

I’ve loaded Lancet. In here I see:


i.e. a comma followed by a regular space.

This is unsatisfactory I think because what happens for me, is that I get the following (bare in mind, the numbers and the intervening comma in the following example are superscripted):

the quick brown fox jumps over23,

24 the lazy dog

but it should be

the quick brown fox jumps

over23, 24 the lazy dog.

OK, so I go back into “Multiple citation separator”.

click in the text box, delete the <space>

move the cursor to the end of the comma,  then hold down ALT and while HOLDING DOWN ALT, type


but 0160 absolutely MUST be typed on your number pad (it won’t work on your regular numbers). You will see a space appear, but it is a non-breaking space!

Hope this helps.

In summary

“Mutiple citation separator”

,<type ALT+0160>

don’t forget, use the number pad.

I just registered to let you know… although this thread is quite old now. Perhaps somebody else will find it.