Endnote Numbering incorrect

I have the following problem (Using Endnote X7 and Word 2016)

I have a thesis written in Endnote and the numbering of the citations seems to be wrong. This can easily be seen, when looking at the “edit citation windows” screenshot attached. After reference “1” comes reference “5”.

So what happened here? I used reference number 2 (in the edit citation window at the very end) once in the text (page 62, so very very late) and once in a figure description. This figure with the description however appear way lower than reference 5. Admittedly, as it is a figure description, it appears earlier as well, in the “table of figures”. It is in fact the first reference at all to appear. But then it should eiter be number 1 or after number 5. 

Reference number 3 and 4 are only in a figure description (figure being very late in the text).

So how can I teach the word/endnote combination to number it correctly?

I would accept if they say: Well it first appear in the table of figures, so these are reference number 1, 2 and 3. But I would prefer if the references would be sorted into the text.

Right now it doesn’t make sense at all. Maybe this is a good summary. When simply scrolling down the appearance of reference numbers is as follows

2 (Table of Figures)

3 (Table of Figures)

4 (Table of Figures)

1 (Text)

5 (Text)

9 (Text)

2 (Figure description)

3 (Figure description)

10 (Text)

11 (Text)

That doesn’t make sense, right?

I now it is confusing and I realize I’m not perfect in stating my problem. So please let me know, if you understand it. I’m happy to give more explanations.

I’d be grateful for any kind of input or help,




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I found the solution. My figures where in text boxes and here ( forum url slash t5/EndNote-How-To/Citation-numbering-in-text-boxes/td-p/205 ) are several solutions

I see you found it.  (you could have deleted your own post, but can’t now that you (and now I replied to it, from the options drop down, but I don’t think it hurts to have the answers again!)

Word collects fields from text boxes first, hence the problem. 

See this FAQ. http://endnote.com/kb/82359

The trick is to use a frame instead of a textbox.  Here is the simplest way to insert a frame in Word 2010/2013.

Alternatives include using a one row, one column Table rather than a textbox.  

view  this more recent solution to the problem which is a fix not mentioned in the KB article above.