Problem with simultaneous citation of Footnote and Bibliography entry on the same page

When I try to insert a footnote in Chicago 16th Footnote style this is what happens.  A footnote and bibliography entry are simultaneously inserted on the same page. I insert a footnote number at the end of a sentence with Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac in Print Layout mode. I place the cursor at the bottom of the page for the footnote and go to Endnote and select the citation and insert it from Endnote. Results: the footnote is inserted from Endnote correctly at the bottom of the page but the bibliography citation is also inserted just below the footnote number. Any help would be appreciated!


I am using Word 2013, Endnote X7.4 (windows version) – chicago 16th footnote – add a footnote (or word “endnote”  word handles whether they are at the end of the page or the end of the document) then go to footnote and insert citation.  If footnote and this is the first page, the footnote appears at the bottom, and the bibliography appears above the footnote.  – if insert a page break, the footnote stays on that page and the bibliography moves to the next page.  

 Make sure the output style you expect, is selected in the word document not just in the endnote program itself.

Have you tried it on a new document?  

Hi Leanne!

Thanks for the help. I finally found the answer when I contacted Endnote technical support. It involved some modifications of my setting in Endnote output styles.