rebuild author list so it suggests

I am using EndNote X2 (Win XP) and the imported my library I had from ProCite but that had some author name typos etc.  These have been cleaed up and I created a new Author list, but now on data entry EndNote no longer suggests authors when you begin typing like it did before it was regenerated.

Yes the box is checked to allow this in options.

How can I get the term-lists to suggest entries again?

Dear Gallon_Jug,

I assume that you deleted the original Author term list and then created a new term list called Author when you made your corrections rather than simply editing the existing list.

Deleting the original Author list, broke the field  linkage. You can re-establish it by opening your EndNote library, then going to the Tools menu and selecting the option “Link Term Lists”, this will bring up a list of fields by Author it will most probably say <none>, use the drop-down list to change this to Author.

You will need to do this for all the fields that normally feed data into or take data from the Author term list e.g. Editors, Secondary Authors, Tertiary Authors